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Scalloped Stingray Bracelet

Scalloped Moulded Stingray Bracelet with adjustable clasp & chain closure.


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Moulded, Structured & shaped to fit loosely on the wrist.

Edge finished with a scalloped detail.

5 cm deep at centre front tapering to 2 cm at centre back 

Adjustable clasp & chain closure

100% Leather Body

backed & lined with smooth 2.5 mm Saddlery leather

Specialist Clean Only

Created & Produced in London


The Scalloped Stingray bracelet, part of the our Jewellery Accessory range, is our original style created in late 1990’s for our Fashion collection & now re developed for the Gallery collections.

Fit & Dimensions

Slim fitting & shaped to wrist

Adjustable clasp & chain closure

5 cm ( 2 inch ) deep at centre front tapering to 2 cm (.75 inch) at back

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