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Cracked Eye Snake Mask

Moulded & Sculptured Cracked Eye Mask with one eye Cracked & one eye Peephole


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Moulded Mask with Cut-out Z shape over one eye

Adjustable Strap & buckle closure

Peephole View: Small holes in the eye allows the wearer to see out from the mask but your eyes are hidden from view & cannot be seen by anyone else.

Sculptured, Moulded, shaped by hand & sealed to caress the contours of the face

100% Leather Body

backed  & lined with smooth 2.5 mm Italian Hide in black

Specialist Clean Only

Created & Produced in London


The Moulded Cracked Eye Snake Mask, part of our Masks & Blindfolds range, launched with the collection ‘Epiphany’

Fit & Dimensions

Moulded to comfortably follow the contours of the face

Adjustable Strap & buckle closure

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