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Snake & Chain Bavette

Tapered Snake & Chain Collar Bavette, strap & buckle closure.


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Slim Snake Collar with tapered snakeskin & chain bib to bust level 

Adjustable Strap & buckle closure

A Statement Fashion Jewellery design from the Paul Seville collections

Exclusive to the Gallery!

100% Leather Body

backed & lined with smooth 2 mm Italian Hide in black

Specialist Clean Only

Created & Produced in London


The Snake & Chain Bavette, part of the our Neck Jewellery range, is our original style created in late 1990’s for our Fashion collection & now re developed for the Gallery collections .

Fit & Dimensions


Width of Collar at widest: 3 cm tapering to 1 cm at strap & buckle ends

Collar adjustable between: 33 cm & 40 cm ( 13 inch to 15.5 inch )

Depth of Bavette:– Bust Level, approx 35cm from neckline

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