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The History of Gallery 58

Paul Seville + Steph Aman
developed and created through our shared passion for all things beautifully wrong decadent and unreasonable

A chance meeting in 2008 led to the creation of the refreshingly unconventional and unpredictable British luxury collective; founders Steph Aman and Paul Seville who were already highly accomplished fashion designers in their own right, both relishing in the unexpected, seamlessly managed to blend their expertise, fusing textile design and embroidery with haute couture, artisan skills and tailoring with corsetry, via their delightfully dark, raw decadent world.

Married a year after their first meeting, the exclusive Gallery 58 collections are a blend of life, love and work.

Initially set up to showcase and exhibit their individual brands, the early success of Gallery 58 resulted in the now established collaborative and decadent collections in leather and silk. Exclusively available from Gallery 58 and created by both designers in their own purpose built studio and workshop in the ‘ Rose Gardens’ on the borders of East London.

“it was always our ambition to create and design the silk collections alongside the leather collections to both compliment and fit seamlessly together. We never force the materials to work together, it is an organic process that happens naturally. All the products must be stand alone individual creations but with the complimentary designs available in silk and leather at Gallery 58, we offer an entirely unique and completely unrivalled style. The ethos remains the same, all designs must be functional and aesthetically pleasing, collectable and timeless, like a piece of jewellery. Having successfully sold our fashion collections worldwide in boutiques and department stores from Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Libertys in London to Baycrews and HP France in Japan, throughout the 90’s and early 00’s the time was right to join forces and indulge our passion for the collections we create today”

Collections from Gallery 58, many of them exclusive to this shop, feature bespoke leather bustiers, corsetry, boudoir and bondage accessories, super fine, ornate and fabulously feminine silk loungewear and decadent classic outerwear. Expect the un-expectable.

The exceptional designs are recognised across the world and hunted down by fashion trendsetters and collectors including Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce, to name but a few. While the designers themselves have independently collaborated with couture houses from Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein to Antonio Baradi at Exte and Vivienne Westwood.

Each creation captures the designers’ deliciously decadent and debauched design palette, along with their Irish and Anglo-American heritage. An unexpected and unconventional commercial success story, Aman and Seville have quite literally turned boudoir chic on its head. Just think of it as Jacobean high drama, meets Victoriana macabre.

Designing straight from the soul, they craft unpredictable concoctions that capture the senses and which really shouldn’t work. Their wedding resembled a funeral; both wore black, the bride carried lilies and the wedding cake was smothered in black icing.

Feel free to enjoy our decadent pleasure dome at your whim. Kick off your shoes and indulge, for this is our treat to you. Let your creativity breathe a little, open up your mind, let your imagination flow and explore…

‘A sensory overload of magical luxury extraordinaire, Gallery 58 is a modern-day pleasure dome’

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