Leather Products

All the products in the Paul Seville collections are created with pride by master craftspeople and each piece has unique characteristics and imperfections that are inherent to the properties of leather. We believe your Paul Seville product will bring you years of enjoyment and will improve with age however please bear in mind that when using such beautiful natural fabrics no two pieces will be absolutely identical in terms of leather detail, colour or grain and there will always be an individual nature to every piece. We feel this adds to the unique charm and value of these products.

Leather Cleaning & Aftercare

Leather is a natural product which can breathe, shape itself, and age over time and by its very nature will have natural markings and individual characteristics. All of these distinctive characteristics contribute to the unique nature of each of our hand-made products. All techniques used for texturing and dyeing has been uniquely developed for this range. All Paul Seville products are colour fast to the highest achievable standard in the natural dyeing process and where applicable have a protective lacquer finish.

Certain types of leather and colours cannot be cleaned with some leather cleaning products so we do not recommend their use. Take products to a ‘specialist leather cleaning service’ only.

A few helpful hints:

  • Always gently wipe leather, NEVER scrub.
  • Always leave products to dry naturally, NEVER use direct heat.
  • Do not expose products to constant direct sunlight.

Silk Products

All the products in the Steph Aman collections are created in finest 100% silks with pride by master embroiderers. Silk is a natural woven fibre and each piece has unique characteristics. The nature of the ‘Steph Aman’ embroidery techniques and the signature of the brand is that no two products will ever be identical. The methods used by the Steph Aman embroiderers is ‘free hand machine drawn’ embroidery. We believe that the Steph Aman products will bring you years of enjoyment and will improve with age.

Silk Cleaning & Aftercare

Wash Care

We advise ‘specialist dry cleaning’ on all our products.

Hand Washing

If you choose to Hand Wash, only use detergents specifically recommended for silk. Do not use harsh detergents which may include bleach or brightening components. Soak in lukewarm or cold water.

Avoid leaving to soak and wringing/twisting garments to relieve excess water. This can damage the silk and pull the garment out of shape if twisted too hard.

To dry, it is preferential to hang silk. Avoid direct sunlight & varnished/painted drying racks as it can lead to discolouration.