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Double Spoon Vanity

 The Vanity Paddle with Double Spoons in Snake


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The Vanity Paddle:  sculptured from 2 layers of 3.5 mm thick Italian Leather hide 

Structured & re-enforced handle with rigid steel inner core

Top Spoon: 2.5mm Italian hide covered in Snakeskin

Under Spoon: 2.5mm Italian hide covered in Snakeskin

Total of 1.4 cm of Leather thickness

100% Leather

Double Layers of smooth 3.5 mm black Italian Hide with 2 additional 2.5mm layer of Italian hide spoon

Specialist Clean Only

Created & Produced in London


The Double Spoon Vanity, part of our original range, created in 2001 for our ‘Archaic’ collection & now a signature style in our Gallery range.

Fit & Dimensions

Length of Paddle: 33cm  (13 inch)

Width of Paddle: 10 cm  (4 inch)

Thickness of Paddle : 1.4 cm